Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Starting on August 20th (the first day back 2 school for MTHS) the fbcnewlondon Blog will reappear. The website will be revamped, will have new features, hopefully more student participation, and the daily devotions will reappear. Until we begin our study on the Minor Prophets in September our devotions will be from the letter of Jude.

This letter has been called by some the most “neglected of all NT books”[1]. The author is more than likely Jude, not only the brother of James but also the brother of our Lord Jesus. It is therefore, interesting to note that even his brother (if this indeed be him) considers himself a doulos (slave, bond-servant) or Jesus. What a mighty change from the earlier view that Jesus’ brothers had of him (John 7:5). But something extraordinary had happened; Jude became exactly what he spoke of his recipients, “called, beloved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ”.

What is Jude about? Jude is writing to a congregation that has recently been plagued with heresy and false teachers. Mark Dever does well in entitling his overview of Jude, “Having Faith in a Faithless Time”[2]. Jude is encouraging his readers to keep the faith in these difficult times. Our study will be focusing on this central theme--"How do we contend for the faith?"

I hope you come back on August 20th and every day after. It is my prayer that you God might be glorified through this study and that you might be edified. To Him be all praise honor and glory! Be sure to come back on the 20th!!!

[1] Indirectly quoted from Carson, Moo, Morris. Introduction to the New Testament. p.461
[2] The sermon can be heard at

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