Book Reviews

1-2.5 Star Books (Don't Bother)

An Army of Ordinary People
The Gift of Being Yourself by D. Benner
The Gift of Psalms by Word of Promise
The Jesus Sensitive Church by R. Auch and D. Niforatos
Transforming Church by S. O'Dell

3-3.5 Star Books (If you get around to it)

A History of Christianity (DVD) by D. MacCulloch
Anatomy of the Soul by C. Thompson
Coming Back Stronger by D. Brees
Cornerstone Bible Commentary (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther) by G. Smith
Crash Course by D. Darling
Famine in the Land by S. Lawson
From Eternity to Here by F. Viola
Jonathan Edwards: Evangelist by J. Gerstner
Let the Reader Understand by D. McCartney and C. Clayton
Samuel Rutherford by K. Rendell
Second Hand Jesus by G. Packiam
Slave by J. MacArthur
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by D. Whitney
The English Puritans by J. Brown
The Doctrine of Repentance by T. Watson
The Gospel-Driven Wallet
The Mystery of Providence by J. Flavel
The Reformation of the Church by I. Murray
Trinitarian Controversy by W. Rusch
Your Church Is Too Small by J. Armstrong

4-4.5 Star Books (You need this book)

A Little Exercise by H. Thielicke
A Quest for Godliness by J.I. Packer
Broken Down House by P. Tripp 
Church History in Plain Language by B. Shelley
Crazy Love by F. Chan
Defence of the Truth by M. Haykin
Do Hard Things by A. & B. Harris
Get Outta My Face by R. Horne
God is the Gospel by J. Piper
Gospel Fear by J. Burroughs
John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace by J. Aitken
Luther: Man Between God and the Devil by H. Oberman 
Preaching with Passion by A. Montoya
Rex by C. Lewis
Spiritual Depression by M. Lloyd-Jones
Spurgeon: A New Biography by A. Dallimore 
The Cross of Christ by J. Stott
The Devil in Pew #7 by R. Alonzo
The Forgotten Spurgeon by I. Murray
The God I Don't Understand by C. Wright
The Godly Man's Picture by T. Watson
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by M. Dever
The Mission of God's People by C. Wright
The Narnia Code by M. Ward
The Purity Principle by R. Alcorn
The Story of Christianity by J. Gonzalez
The Trials of Theology
Turning Controversy into Church Ministry by W.P. Campbell
Who are the Puritans? by E. Hulse
Why Johnny Can't Preach by T. Gordon
William Wilberforce by K. Belmonte
Young, Restless, and Reformed by K. DeYoung

5 Star Books (You MUST have this book)

10 Things Every Ministers Wife Needs to Know by J. Floyd
According to Plan by G. Goldsworthy
Church Planting is for Wimps by M. McKinley
Dug Down Deep by J. Harris
God's Glory in Salvation Through Judgment by J. Hamilton
How People Change by P. Tripp
Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography by I. Murray
Just Do Something by K. DeYoung
Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor by D.A. Carson
Pleasures Evermore by S. Storms
Preaching To A Post-Everything World by Z. Eswine
Radical by D. Platt
Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by P. Tripp
Running Scared by E. Welch
Scandalous by D.A. Carson
Shepherding a Child's Heart by T. Tripp
The Bruised Reed by R. Sibbes
The Cross and Christian Ministry by D.A. Carson
The God Who is There by D.A. Carson
The Gospel for Real Life by J. Bridges
The Pilgrim's Progress
The Supremacy of God in Preaching by J. Piper
The Trellis and the Vine by C. Marshall and T. Payne
The Work of a Pastor by W. Still
Transforming Grace by J. Bridges
Under the Overpass by M. Yankoski
Unquenchable Flame by M. Reeves
Worldliness by C.J. Mahaney and Others
ZECNT Commentary on Galatians by T. Schreiner


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