Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review of Scandalous by D.A. Carson

Author: D.A. Carson

Pages: 176pgs

Publisher: Crossway

Price: 10.39

Genre: Theology/Christian Living

Quick Summary:

Scandalous is the book version of five addresses that D.A. Carson gave at a Resurgence conference on the cross and resurrection of Jesus. The five messages (chapters) are on the ironies of the cross, the centrality of Christ in Scripture, the triumph of a slaughtered lamb, the miracle of the resurrection, and the doubting of the resurrection.

I think Mark Driscoll summarizes this book best when he says, “What happens when one of the world's preeminent theologians expounds on some of the Bible's prominent texts? This book."

What I Liked:

It is rare to find a top-notch scholar that is also a top-notch preacher that is also a top-notch writer. D.A. Carson is that rarity. You cannot go wrong reading Carson. Scandalous is typical D.A. Carson: witty, scholarly, gospel-centered, and greatly helpful. This is one of those books that you will read in a week because you are so involved in each chapter.

If this is your first exposure to D.A. Carson buy this book, read it and buy many of his other books. Carson has an amazing ability to speak relevantly to a new believer, a seminary student, a skeptic, a seasoned believer, and pretty much everyone with a heartbeat. Not only does he speak relevantly but he makes difficult truths easy to understand and he does it in such a fashion that honors and exalts Jesus. You will walk away from reading this book with a much deeper appreciation for Jesus. I truly believe this book will lead to worship.

What I Disliked:

It’s D.A. Carson, what’s not to like? Each chapter stands on its own so it is perfect for a five part Bible study or something. But keep in mind when you get this the purpose of the book. It will go deep, but not deeper than a typical 5 part talk on a subject. The chapters do not necessarily build on each other but they look at a different aspect of the cross and resurrection of Jesus. I found this helpful, but some may dislike that if they are expecting something else.

Should You Buy It?

If you have 10 bucks, you know how to read, and you don’t want to be a moron then I would strongly consider buying this book. It is a fun read and you will certainly have a deeper appreciation for the cross and resurrection after reading things. Go buy it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Funny thing, I am wanting to get this book, and I was going to e-mail you earlier today to see if you had read and/or reviewed it yet.



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