Friday, December 3, 2010

Review of The Gift of Psalms

If you have ever dreamed of doing your quiet time with George Costanza or Mac Taylor then the Gift of Psalms is the devotional for you.  Otherwise it’s just plain weird.  I received this book a really long time ago from Thomas Nelson in exchange for a review.  After sitting on my shelf for months I finally pulled it down to finish and review. 

Honestly the devotionals, written by Lori Jones, are pretty solid for devotionals.  Not every Psalm is represented (only 50 of them).  Each devotional is a page long, and typically filled with some background information.  Also the Psalm is presented in NKJV. Some of the devotionals also do a good job of making the Psalm Christ-centered, although some seem to miss it’s Gospel-Centered interpretation.  Each devotional then closes in prayer. 

Here is a sample (one that’s more of a “be like David”, than a “look at Jesus”):

Like David, we must have determination in order to live lives that are devoted to honoring God.  We are constantly bombarded every day with things that dishonor God—prideful attitudes, disrespectful language, selfishness, deceit, and more.  We have to be careful about what we allow our hearts and minds to be exposed to…

The packaging of this book is wonderful.  It’s very appealing and would at least look like a great gift for someone.  But honestly, I’m not sure who I would give this to or recommend it for.  It may be a decent introductory devotional, maybe.  But I just could not get around the reading of the Psalms by celebrities that don’t believe the words they are reading. 

Rating 2 out of 5 Stars

You can buy it for under 15 bucks at Amazon. 

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