Friday, December 17, 2010

Taking the Bed of a Homeless Guy

Yesterday, I reviewed Mike Yankoski’s book Under the Overpass.  I promised more interaction today.  One particular review that I read asked this question:
…was it right for Yankoski to take a bed, a meal and spare change day after day from people when he didn't really need it? Also, did this mean he was taking these things from another legitimately homeless person that might need it?
I am tempted to leave this for a couple of days to spark some interaction.  But instead I will just venture to give my answer to this question.  Was he wrong for taking change, meals, a bed, etc. from other homeless people?  Absolutely not.
The reason that Yankoski has put himself in this situation is because he wants the gospel to reach the homeless.  He wants to see believers live out their faith and actually attempt to heal the brokenness of many homeless people.  By taking this five month journey and writing about it Yankoski has (somewhat) put a face on homelessness.  Certainly, this book will be used by God to awaken hearts.
If his motive and purpose had been something else then that would have been wrong.  But he will help far more homeless people than he “hurt” by being homeless for five months.

Of course this may not be a very satisfying answer to the guy whose sitting out in the cold because Yankoski took his bed.  But is it possible that rather than looking at Yankoski for taking a bed in a homeless shelter we should be looking at ourselves?  Is it possible that some of the problem of homelessness is caused by our greed and desire to have more and more and more? 

Again, I plan to interact a little more tomorrow…

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