Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rancid Sweet Tea and Gospel Ministry

I don’t want to be like the rancid half-empty glass of sweet tea sitting on my desk. 

It used to be refreshing.  It was cold, it was tasty, and it went well with my lunch.  On a hot day it was wonderful to have the cold ice crash into my parched mouth.  And the sugary sweetness of McDonalds tea, combined with the extra shot of caffeine gave an extra boost. 

It’s not refreshing any more.  The heat of my office got to it.  It’s invigorating chill has long sweat-out through the McDonalds cardboard it was housed in.  It’s hot tea that was once cold tea and now it is nauseating. 

You see, ice is only a temporary fix to a hot day. Eventually it loses and the heat overcomes it.  Then it turns into water.  Then it makes your tea disgusting.  Tea needs ice—not long ago melted ice—to make it awesome. 

Without grace I’ll be like that sweet tea.  Once refreshing but now rancid.  Like a hot day overcoming an ice cube ministry has a tendency to suck life out of you.  That’s nothing against ministry.  That is simply saying that we are weak vessels that need grace every day.  Sweet tea can’t withstand one entire day in my office with only its original dose of ice.  And I can’t withstand the heat of life and ministry with only yesterday’s grace.

I, and you, need grace today.  Without it you and I will be like the rancid sweet tea sitting on my desk.

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