Friday, December 17, 2010

Today in Blogworld 12.17.10

I wish this post never had to be written.  But it’s very helpful.  Encouragement for Mothers Whose Husbands Don’t Attend Church. 

There are quite a few articles interacting with the Christmas season (typically much better than my rant on Wednesday):  CJ Mahaney discusses the disturbing aspect of Christmas; Dr. Whitney offers 10 Q’s to ask at a Christmas Gathering; Matt Redmond reminds us that Christmas is For Those Who Hate It Most.  And finally what would happen if Mary and Joseph had our technology:

  (HT: Z)

Find out what is it like inside the mind of despair.

I was not even aware that there were more than 50 blogs by theology professors.  But here are the Top 50 Blogs by Theology Professors.

Joe Thorn encourages us to Pray Spontaneously

Justin Buzzard offers his Top 20 List of Books in 2010.

On Tuesday I posted my review of Dr. Schreiner’s ZECNT Commentary on Galatians.  This was part of a blog tour, you check out some of the other reviews here and here.

One of my favorite things to read Isaiah is the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Check out it’s Christmas story:

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