Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today in Blogworld 12.14.10

Very helpful article from Colin Marshall (co-author of Trellis and the Vine): The Ministry of the Pew.  (HT: 9Marks)

Trevin Wax interviews Scot McKnight about the gospel. 

I forget who pointed me in the direction of this one but it’s excellent:  The Krusty Sage: Married People, Quit Being Ruled by Your Dumb Parents. Even If They're Not Dumb.

I probably shouldn’t be laughing at this, but…

(HT: Scotteriology)

I really appreciate Kevin DeYoung’s words here:  It’s Not About You (Even If Your a Student)

Now you can hear Richard Sibbes preach, sort of.  Mark Dever reads some of Sibbes’ sermons.  These are very gospel rich.

In case you are curious Piper’s return date has been announced.

With the recent Narnia films parents may find their children drawn to Aslan.  Tyler Kenney (with help from Lewis) explains why we should embrace that.

Watch what happens when the Kimyal people of Indonesia receive the Word:

(HT: Effectual Grace)

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