Saturday, June 6, 2009

Top 10 Dead People, besides people in the Bible, I Would Want as Mentors throughout the History of the Church

  1. John Newton
  2. Robert Murray McCheyne
  3. Charles Spurgeon
  4. Richard Sibbes
  5. Jeremiah Burroughs
  6. Athanasius
  7. Jonathan Edwards
  8. Martin Luther
  9. C.S. Lewis
  10. John Bunyan

Almost making the cut: Augustine, Alexander Whyte, Horatious Bonar, Martin Lloyd-Jones, Samuel Rutherford, Irenaeus, John Owen. 

My rationale:

John Newton is amazing and really gets grace.  McCheyne intrigues me.  Spurgeon is, well Spurgeon.  Sibbes would teach me grace.  Burroughs has an amazing name and would teach me about joy in Jesus.  Athanasius I’ve always wanted to know more.  Why is Edwards only #7?  Because he was a brilliant man, really loved Jesus, but I do not think would actually be a very good mentor.  Martin Luther is #8 because he’d scare me and probably get me drunk.  C.S. Lewis would teach me how to write and think.  And John Bunyan would be like reading the Bible.  And Apollo Creed did not make the list because he is not dead. 

Who would be your top 10?  Mine will probably change in a few years.


  1. St. Augustine
    Walter Brueggemann
    Rodney Clapp
    John Wesley
    Stanley Hauerwas
    NT Wright
    DA Carson
    Robert Mulholland
    Tom Hufty...ha! Just kidding
    CS Lewis
    St. Jerome

    You're right about Edwards. Of course, I think his and my personality would clash - cuz I'd just have to tell him how crazy I think some of his ideas are. :)

  2. I'm not sure how my list would go. But I'm pretty sure that Spurgeon would be first. He's the author that God used to open the door to my reformed faith. And God also used his writings to touch my heart many times.

  3. Dead, Tom...Dead People. Last I checked DA Carson and NT Wright are living. Once I read your list I was like--doh, how do I not think of DA Carson...then I remembered I said dead. I am not familiar with a couple ofthe people you mentioned...think i've heard the name but haven't read any of their stuff.

    Spurgeon would be quite a bit of fun to hang out with...especially if you liked the smell of cigars.

  4. do you know they're not dead - have you checked in on them in the last few minutes?

    My bad.

  5. Intriguing. I'll chime in...

    In no particular order of significance:

    1. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
    His life was God's possession in his eyes.

    2. Martin Luther
    Courageous and able to take a stand.

    3. Thomas Jefferson
    Well spoken and able to turn debate to his thinking.

    4. Gen. George S. Patton
    Understood his enemies, friends, and how to take action when and where needed.

    5. Athanasius
    Stood for truth no matter the cost.

    6. Bear Bryant
    Knew how to organize groups of people for the common goal, and then motivate to achieve that goal.

    7. Karl Barth
    Stood against tyranny in forms of liberalism and governments. Stirred controversy by daring to challenge conventional thought patterns whether he was wrong or right but was willing to change his position when proven biblically to be correct.

    8. A. W. Tozer
    Stirred his congregations and readers to better understanding of worship of God.

    9. A. W. Pink
    Knew how to study the written word of God and communicate the same.

    10. Patrick Henry
    Passionately strove to secure liberty he equated with God.

  6. Scott,

    Thanks for the comment. And good job making sure they are actually dead unlike some people named Tom. LOL.

    Great list...i though it was cool that you picked people from quite a few genre's. You make me want to read about Stonewall Jackson.

  7. Mike,
    I have a recommendation for a biography about Gen. Jackson for you then.

    Stonewwall Jackson by James I. Robertson, Jr. ISBN0-02-864685-1

    Its 950 pages including appendixes and index.



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