Friday, June 12, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 06/11

Having spent much time with teenagers I found this article intriguing: Study Links Teen Depression to Bed Times.

This was an interesting read.  Dr. Mohler considers the need for children to have silence.

I really like Jared Wilson.  If you are not familiar with him you need to be.  I especially appreciated Jared’s take on the Culture War.

I am excited about this series by Bruce Ashford: On Disciplined Reading.  Check out Part one and part two.

Tony Reinke tells us why he rarely uses Revelation in his devotional time, but also reveals why he is going to start.  My take on the book of Revelation is also quite simple; Jesus wins.  You can read Tony’s excellent thought’s here

Being such a superstar I could really relate to this by John Piper: “Hero Worship and Holy Emulation”.  Actually, I can relate because I am not a “superstar” but one that can be tempted towards hero worship.  Kevin DeYoung also weighs in

I am unfamiliar with Gary Lamb.  Apparently he confessed to having an affair with his assistant.  In light of this Jared Wilson offers some solid thoughts on pastoral falls

Here is where you can get media from Advance09

Colin Adams provides us with 8 common problems in evangelism and offers some solutions. 

This is powerful:  (HT: DG)


  (HT: RT)

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  1. Mike, thanks so much for the links and the kind words.
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