Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Week in Blogworld 06/21 (Two Days Late Edition)

Sorry that I was unable to do more blogging last week during our mission trip to Colorado.  Because of that our weekly linkage is a couple days late.  Each day it seemed like I only had enough time to do the ministry, spend time with my wife and kid, and go to bed.  Here are the links you should have gotten Friday. 

All of the Advance 09 videos are now available here

Colin Adams has done a service by recommending 100 books to read

I had previously linked to Bruce Ashford articles on disciplined reading.  JT compiled them all in one place for us, here

Bibleworks Software giveaway at Cal.Vin.Ist for their 1st anniversary giveaway.  That’d be pretty sweet.  Enter here.

Seems like everybody is talking about and getting involved in Twitter.  Al Mohler joins the conversation.  I have to be honest, I am still convinced that Twitter is not for me.  I still use it ( but only occasionally and nobody seems to care either way. 

Apparently I didn’t star nearly as many items this week on my Google Reader.  So, that’s all I have for now on the linkage.  Forgive me for missing big things (I know I did).  Enjoy these videos:

This dude inspires me…but more than anything the gospel that has gripped him inspires me.  God, help me be gripped by the gospel so much that I preach with this passion on the streets:

(HT: John)

When that video causes you to doubt your devotion to Christ check out this by Piper:

I leave you with this by LeCrae at Bethlehem Baptist Church:

(HT: Brian)


After watching these videos in succession…I find myself weeping at the beauty of the Gospel.  May you be blessed!

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  1. I pretty much agree with you on Twitter, Mike. I'm giving it a pretty hard test run right now, but I'm still not too impressed.



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