Monday, June 21, 2010

Review of The Gospel-Filled Wallet by Jeff Weddle

Author: Jeff Weddle

Pages: 80pgs

Publisher: Transforming Publishing

Price: Free or 9.56

Genre: Christian Living

A Quick Word about Transforming Publishing:

Transforming Publishing is a great idea. As it says on the website:

Transforming Publishing was founded to publish Bible study and preaching resources for helping Christians understand and proclaim the transforming Word of God. Electronic copies of all publications will be available free online, and hardcopy publications will be available on-demand for what we hope to be very modest prices--less expensive in many cases than users will be able to print on their own printers.

Great idea! I am happy to be a small part of this.

Quick Summary:

Jeff Weddle hopes to paddle upstream against the current flow of “Christian” books on money. His claim is that many of today’s books use biblical “principles” to do unbiblical things with money. This book is an attempt to consider what the Bible really does say about money: both how we should handle it and our general attitude towards money.

There is one basic question in this book. Do you love God or do you love money?

What I Liked:

The best chapter, in my opinion, is Weddle’s chapter on How to Hate Money and Love God. This section is practical, biblical, and hard-hitting. His first chapter and conclusion are also well-written and informative. From the beginning Weddle lets us know what is at stake:

“Our lives are consumed with money. All of our life is centered on the pursuit, acquisition, and spending of it. Our lives prove that we love money. You show what you love by where you put your time and energy. Money consumes us. We love money. Thus, we hate God.”

And the driving force behind all of this is what our author states on page 69, “the soul was created for more.” A life spent trying to acquire more money and more possessions is a rip off. But the best thing you can do for your soul is to get rid of your money as quickly as possible for the glory of God. I like this.

What I Disliked:

The one major critique I have of this book is that for a book called The Gospel-Filled Wallet it majors on emptying the wallet of money but minors on filling it with the gospel. Do not misunderstand; the gospel is in this book. But a more compelling gospel vision would drive Weddle’s major thesis home with Spirit-empowered force.

I do not think that legalism would be the proper charge for this book. I think that is made clear when Weddle answers this charge on page 74. He rightly points that the motivator is the heart. It is not as if the author is saying do these things so that you can be acceptable to God. But the gospel seems to be assumed throughout this book and is not given as the major driving force behind giving your money away.

This book will convict but I’m not sure it will heal.

Should You Buy It?

Well, it is free so you should at least read it.  It is well written and a quick read.  You could probably read it in about an hour.  You will benefit from this book.  If you want a hardcopy you can get it for under 10 bucks. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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