Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fig Leaf Underpants

There is a world of difference between the “covering of sin” in Psalm 32:1 and the “covering of sin” in Psalm 32:5 that David refused to engage in. 

Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.  32:1

…I did not cover my iniquity…  32:5

Let’s face it, we are messed up.  We are broken people living in a broken world.  So, what are we going to do about it?  The way I see it there are two options.  Either we engage in Adam-like hiding or we hide ourselves in Jesus. 

When Adam disobeyed God in the Garden he experienced for the first time what you and I experience everyday—brokenness caused by rebellion.  His response was to knit together a few fig leaves and try to cover his shame.  He tried to fix his brokenness.  And because deep down he knew it was not enough he decided to hide in a bush just for good measure. 

The problem with Adam’s solution (and ours) is that it simply does not work.  Sin is not conquered in the darkness of hiding—it grows.  And because sin aims at destroying creation and dethroning the Creator it inevitably leads to brokenness.  You can’t fix the effects of rebellion by rebelling further.  Nothing we craft can fix our sin problem.  There is only one fix…

Hide ourselves in Jesus.  This is what David does in Psalm 32.  He realizes that he is broken because of rebellion.  He feels the weight of his sin and is resolved to not hide it.  He knows that his only refuge is to find mercy in the one whom he has sinned against.  Only God can heal the brokenness caused by our rebellion.  Only God has the power to conquer not only the guilt of sin but also its damning effects. 

So, when you sin today don’t sew fig leaf underpants—run naked to Jesus.  (Hmmm, is that okay to say?)

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