Saturday, June 12, 2010

Preaching to Youth

Preaching the gospel to teenagers would absolutely mortify some people.  Thankfully Peter Mead as offered 5 level-headed tips (click through to see his explanations).

  1. Be engaging, don’t be silly
  2. This generation values meat
  3. Recognize that you are speaking cross-culturally
  4. Don’t be longer than necessary, but realize that attention spans are as short as ever
  5. The younger generation value authenticity more than previous generations

I agree with each of these.  I am thankful that many people are beginning to realize that a good number of teens actually value the meat of God’s Word more than spam-eating contests. 

Alongside of these five I would add a sixth:

6. Allow for interaction.  Teens today are accustomed to being able to comment online, text, tweet, etc.  Making room for healthy interaction is a sure fire way to keep a short attention span. 

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