Monday, April 14, 2008

Review of Jerry Bridges--The Gospel for Real Life

Author: Jerry Bridges

Pages: 208

Publisher: NavPress

Price: 8.99

Genre: Christian Living

Quick Summary:

All believers in Jesus Christ understand the importance of the gospel; at least its importance for the beginning stages of our relationship with Jesus. Yet, many believers live “lives of quiet desperation”. Jerry Bridges believes the reason is that we “have a truncated view of the gospel, tending to see it only as a door we walk through to become a Christian.” (14) To combat this “truncated view of the gospel” Bridges proposes that we preach the gospel to ourselves daily. This book is the unfolding of that gospel.

We begin the unfolding of the gospel where it ought to begin, at the Cross. And there, our author expounds its meaning and drives its implications into the core of our lives. Bridges teaches weighty doctrine; and he does so simply. He teaches on propitiation as if it is an every day word, and fleshes out its implications into our every day lives. We learn about justification. We learn about reconciliation. We learn about adoption. We learn about sanctification. All of this is written in an easy to read manner. Bridges is also careful to remind us that we are “not to be a terminus point for the gospel, but rather the way station in its progress to the ends of the earth.” Not only are we to enjoy the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ, we are also to spread that joy to the nations.

What I Liked:

Churches need this book. Bridges writes about very weighty theological topics in a very succinct and simple manner. It has been said that to really grasp something is to be able to communicate it simply. Bridges must really understand the gospel. Through beautiful story-telling, pointed analogies, and soul-stirring metaphors Bridges makes deep truths easily understood.

The principle behind this book and its Christ-centered, gospel-loving nature will make this a timeless classic. It causes the reader to want more. More of the gospel and more of our Savior. It reminds us that the gospel is meant for every day. To truly apply the principles in this book would revolutionize our individual lives and our churches.

What I Disliked:

“Dislike” is probably too strong of a word. One of the greatest qualities in this book is also one of its most distracting. The simplicity of this book can cause the deeper reader to get a tad bored. The material is wonderful and Bridges writes in such a way to combat that. It is probably more a reflection of my own heart and not being in awe of the great work of Christ as I ought to be as it is Bridges writing. Nonetheless, the reader does have to stay focused. This book is better read reflecting on a chapter at a time. Unless of course it is new material, then soak it up and read it three times over.

Should You Buy This Book?

Yes. Pastor’s buy a few for your congregation. Lead a study on this. It does have a study guide in the back. This would be very fitting for a small group. Buy one and live by it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  1. live "buy" it? ;)

    Sorry couldn't resist!

    Well, you know someone actually reads what you write anyway ;) (kidding, only kidding!)


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