Friday, April 18, 2008

T4G '08

I had privilege of attending Together For The Gospel again this year. Its hard to put into words all the Lord said/did in my heart. Of course others have blogged much and since one can download the sessions, I'd suggest you do that. Do not forget to download the panel discussions when they become available. Much of value is found there.

It was refreshing to hear these Evangelical heavy-weights in their group discussion, especially when they opened up to admit they too struggle with issues such as having to work oneself up to witness to a lost person. (John Piper)

Thabiti Anyawabile's sermon was powerful and opened our eyes to the necessity of seeing those people who look/act/talk/dress/etc differently as fundamentally being just like us.....sinners in the need of God's grace.

While the messages and flow of things at T4G '06 was wonderful and meaningful, there was something of a different spiritual plane in '08. I know that topics were assigned and arranged. But the hand of God was powerfully moving as these men went through their sermon preparation. It was as if all eight got together, looked over one another's sermons, made some adjustments, and then preached one deep, powerful, connected, inspiring, convicting 8 hour sermon. It was clear from some of the comments made during panel discussions that they were taken aback at how God fine tuned this one.

I do have one, personal observation to make regarding this or any other conference of this nature one might attend. I went to T4G a bit tired, worn-out, and physically unprepared. It's always good to get away to refresh. I certainly was moved by the Spirit throughout. However, I know I did not get all I could from T4G this year because of my worn-out condition leading up to the conference. From time to time, my attention lagged and I had to work to keep up. I look back realizing that had I made sure that I was well rested before my arrival, the blessings would have been all the more.

So, what did I learn from this?
Don't just show up with packed bags, money to buy books, and a hotel reservation.
Prepare for the conference itself.
Pray. Meditate. Get plenty of sleep BEFORE you go.
(Hmmmmm, perhaps Sundays would be all the more if I made sure that my Saturday schedule was conducive to rest and preparation for His Day.)

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  1. Terry,

    Sounds great, especially the part about seeing other Christian leaders as human. We all need that regularly.

    Word of caution, don't wear yourself out. When God made a day of rest, He made it for pastors/preachers/leaders too. (caveat: I'm not a preacher as far as I know)

    Make sure you aren't letting yourself get worn out because then you're no good for your sheep, or your family (assuming you have a wife & children).

    God Bless!



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