Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2008 NFL Schedule Released

The 2008 NFL Schedule was released a few minutes ago. The Browns have a very tough schedule this year, playing against their own division, the AFC South and the NFC East. That means Colts, Jags, Titans, Cowboys, Eagles, Skins, Giants. The Brownies have 3 Monday Night games, 1 Thursday night, and 1 Sunday Night. I am excited about that, but a little disappointed in all of the 3:00 starts. Here is the complete Browns schedule:

Sept 7 Dallas @ Cleveland 3:15
Sept 14 Pittsburgh @ Cleveland 7:15
Sept 21 Cleveland @ Baltimore 3:15
Sept 28 Cleveland @ Cincinnati Noon
Oct 5 Bye Week
Oct 13 NY Giants @ Cleveland 7:30
Oct 19 Cleveland @ Washington 3:15
Oct 26 Cleveland @ Jacksonville 3:05
Nov 2 Baltimore @ Cleveland Noon
Nov 6 Denver @ Cleveland 7:15
Nov 17 Cleveland @ Buffalo 7:30
Nov 23 Houston @ Cleveland Noon
Nov 30 Indianappolis @ Cleveland Noon
Dec 7 Cleveland @ Tennessee Noon
Dec 15 Cleveland @ Philadelphia 7:30
Dec 21 Cincinnati @ Cleveland Noon
Dec 28 Cleveland @ Pittsburgh Noon

I will optimistically give the Browns 9 wins. I am predicting beating Baltimore, Cincy, and Pittsburgh at least once. Houston, Buffalo, and Denver. Probably split with the NFC East, beating Washington and the Giants. And beating either Jacksonville, Indy, or Tennessee. Tennessee might be weaker this year, and they always play Jacksonville well. It is possible that they could sweep both Baltimore and Cincy. A twelve win season is not out of the realm of possibility. But as all Browns fans neither is a five win season. Go Brownies!



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