Monday, April 7, 2008

The Arrogance of Speaching

Phil Johnson has another excellent post on Acts 17. Here are his concluding statements:

But there's no give-and-take exchange of opinions. Paul does not act deferential in the presence of these great minds. He does not assume a false humility and pretend he's just a truth seeker on his own spiritual journey looking for companions along the way. He declares the truth of God to them with authority and conviction. He does not use the conversational style and subdued demeanor most people today think we need to use so that we're not thought arrogant. Paul wasn't arrogant, because he was declaring infallible truth God had revealed. He was not merely floating an opinion of his own for the philosophers to kick around. And he used an appropriate method: a sermon, not a conversation.(emphasis mine)

Here is a thought. Maybe it is actually more arrogant to NOT preach. I ask you what reeks of arrogance? Humbly attempting to unveil and make clear the very revealed words of God to a people, and standing behind his authority, all the while knowing that where you err at precisely that point you have no authority. Or is it more arrogant to sit in a roundtable and "discuss" your ideas about who God is and what He has revealed? Is it more arrogant to stand before God's people and converse without much conviction? Or is it more arrogant to stand before God's people and proclaim with conviction? I personally think the former is the most arrogant. It is rooted in self-confidence and a lack of trusting in the power of God. Brothers let us preach the word with authority and not timidity!

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  1. Mike,

    Interesting thoughts you pose about the arrogance.

    I think I probably missed something along the way, but I've noticed in my own life, that I cannot teach something with conviction if I haven't settled the matter in my own theology. Perhaps some people preach/teach with timidity because their belief system is still "on the fence" in some regards? (Not related to salvation lets say, but with other issues surrounding it.)

    It took me being challenged by a particular blogger to drive me into scripture to "defend" my own theological beliefs (Theological beliefs that were NON-SALVATION issues - smoke issues, not fire issues as you like to say). I didn't even realize I was on the fence until I was challenged on the WHY I believed the way I believed, and the WHY I read scripture a certain way.

    Over the past few months, I cannot even begin to describe the ways my life has been turned around. The people I've come into contact with, the ability and DESIRE to reach out to people.

    My point being, perhaps timidity is not timidity by choice, but by lack of challenge. If you're not challenged on your belief system, how can you strengthen it? Iron really does sharpen iron I guess (that just hit me LOL)

    God Bless!



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