Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Examine Yourself

If you came here hoping to find how to give yourself a prostate exam you are in the wrong place…


I’m really digging these old editions of The Gospel Magazine.  In the June 1766 version there is a discussion on examining yourselves.  I found this particularly helpful:

“…Look into Scripture and see what God has made marks of the Christian, and do not let fancy be your guide in a matter of such an importance: Distinguish between marks of grace, and marks of growth in grace; and apply each to their proper subjects in your inquiries.  For instance, if you would know whether you are a Christian, do not inquire into the measures of degrees of faith, love, etc. but into the reality of them.  A weak faith renders the Christian as safe as a strong faith; and a spark of real love is an evidence of a saving change, though it is not blown up into a flame.”

I also found this an interesting quote.  I am honestly still considering its implications and I am not 100% sure that I agree.  (Consider my recent interview with author Mike McKinley—particularly question 4). 

If you can find but one mark, you may draw a favorable conclusion.  This is an evidence that God has begun a good work in your heart.  Should you have reason to conclude that you love the brethren; love them for the image of CHRIST in them, you may conclude yourself to be in a safe state: for this love is the exercise or goings out of that grace God has implanted.  Sometimes one mark appears visible, and sometimes another.  If you have but one be thankful, and give God all the glory.”

What do you think?  Do you agree that “if you can find but one mark, you may draw a favorable conclusion”? 

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