Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Now That’s a Missionary Mindset…

Commenting on the invasion of the barbarians in the early 400’s Paul Orosius remarked:
If the only purpose for which the barbarians were sent within the Roman borders was that throughout the entire East and West the Church of Christ would be filled with Huns, Suebi, Vandals, Burgundians, and many other peoples of believers, let the mercy of God be praised and extolled, for so many nations have attained to the knowledge of truth which would not have been able to do so without this occasion, even if this has taken place through our own destruction. 
In case you aren’t familiar with Orosius, he was a friend of Augustine


  1. What if you're not familiar with Augustine?

  2. LOL. Good point! I'll provide a link to info on Augustine as well. Thanks for pointing out my oversight.



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