Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I apologize that it has been so many days since I posted on here. I realize it is Tuesday and I have not even updated the Who AM EYE? I will be updating very shortly and perhaps we will extend this weeks EYE until next week. You will notice that there are a few new things, however. Check out the link to our events page: http://fbcyouthevents.blogspot.com
Here you can find pictures of past events (Girls Lock-In and Heritage Mission Trip)

For a bonus tell me Who has this crazy EYE!


  1. I believe that this CRAZY EYE belongs to a TURKEY!!

    The eye along the right hand border belongs to one Sarah Faye Alexander! {the green one...with freckle on the nose.. and no make-up!}

    Posted with love by....




    (a.k.a. Kelsey Harrison and Sarah Alexander's friend!!!)

    he. he.


  2. yayy me. please allow the previous comments to be posted A-SAP!

    Your approval will be gratiously appriciated by me and the others watching me type this! aah. thank you..

    HINT: you may know my parents..
    Bruce and Cyndy. YAY THEM! umm.. if you still have no clue who in the world is typing this.. ask Sarah or Kelsey! yayy THEM!

    Thank You Very Much For Your Time!t
    Umm.. .i dont know why i capatilized all of the above words. Please forgive me. bye bye!



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