Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 12/19

Today seems to be a little slow in blogworld.

Of all the books I have read one of the most frustrating has to be Frank Page's Trouble with the Tulip. Of all the articles I have read one of the most encouraging has been Frank's Page's recent article in the Baptist Press: Calvinism and Southern Baptists. (HT: Founders) Page will be the first to admit that he is not a Calvinist. In fact he believes it is a manmade doctrine. He is cited in his Tulip book as saying, "It is also important to remember that man-made doctrines always hurt God's work" (74). Also he believes that, "manmade doctrines always give way to God's Word" (75). Yet in all of this Page also says, "Most everyone who knows me knows that I am not a Calvinist. However, I have made it clear that I would be fair to those who are Calvinists in appointments in our convention. I have been true to my word. I believe that the issue of Calvinism is one that can be discussed within the family of Southern Baptists. I believe we need to have honest, open dialogue." Although I must question why a man, convinced that Calvinists hinder God's work and give way to God's Word, would appoint them to important posts in the Convention. I still respect his willingness to be open and to dialogue. I praise God for this and pray along with Page that we might have a Christ-like spirit and be diligent in our studies.

Do you ever wonder what the answer to church-wide immorality is? Brian Thornton offers a suggestion. His answer? Simple. Regeneration. Thornton also gives 9 suggestions for combating church-wide-immorality. Of his 9 suggestions one I especially like is #4, "Teach kids the same things as the adults". One that I might have worded differently is #7, where he suggest making the center of our worship the Word and Sacraments. I know that by making Word capital he is pointing us to Jesus, but I would have worded it a little differently. My suggestion: "make the Triune God as revealed in the Scriptures and displayed in the Sacraments the center of our worship".

Also today, Josh Harris continues his study on Affluenza, we are now on Part 4.

That's it so far today.


  1. i posted the following at "voice of the sheep" without reply:

    i have read and re-read the posts and your list of measures necessary for regeneration….and in church speak i could not agree more.

    but what does it all mean for the people in the pews…average jane and joe christian?

    what is the whole counsel of God that is being missed?
    what exactly needs to be addressed to eradicate easy believism?

    without a doubt the church today is far removed from the Way of the apostles.
    we have gotten comfortable in and on our seats.

    is it possible to identify one item that is sorely lacking in the churches modern teaching of who God is that will bring about “regeneration”?

    just wondering.

  2. Since I am not the original author of the article my answer to these questions may be limited. First of all, I do not think that the author of this article is intending to say that these measures will create (or are necessary for) regeneration. I think that Brian is saying that in order to confront easy-believism then we need to preach all of the gospel. Sin, God's character, holiness, justice, regeneration, the work of God, etc.
    So, I think that it is not possible to say what is lacking that will bring about "regeneration". The truth is that only God can bring regeneration. But how does he often do that? Through the preaching and teaching of His Holy Word. Maybe this helps, but not sure.



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