Friday, December 7, 2007

Today in Blogworld 12/07

About everything in blogworld today mandates an HT: to Challies. First of all we are pointed to an article by the BBC concerning the Pope's approval of the sale of indulgences at Lourdes. The sale of indulgences is one of the atrocities of the 16th century that sparked the Protestant Reformation. Britannica offers an informative article on Luther and the Indulgences that might be helpful for those who are not familiar with either indulgences or why they are so unbiblical. The Pope granting these indulgences is another reminder that the Evangelicals and Catholics Together document/movement is bunk.

Challies also points us to an interesting article by Don Whitney on Asking People How You Can Pray for Them. Whitney encourages us to ask people who you can pray for them. He suggests that it is an easy 6 word way to turn a conversation to spiritual matters. I have also heard it suggested in the past that a good conversation turner is to ask you waitress how you can pray for them before you pray over the meal. I have done this a few times with mixed reactions. This is a great idea and one I would like to put into practice even more. I would like to add two suggestions to Whitney's article. One is necessary for people who are selfish like me--actually pray for them, and maybe not only once. My prayer life is way to general and not specific enough. Perhaps, adding something like this could help us to pray more specifically. Secondly, I would suggest keeping a note pad handy and writing down the persons name and request. Imagine what will be communicated if you ask about Aunt Gertrude's gangrenous toe or that job your waitress' husband was applying for the next time you see her. It's actually quite sad that we have to be reminded like this to not be so wrapped up in our own little world. We would really reflect Jesus more if this were not an "evangelistic strategy" but if it came from an overflowing heart that actually cared. (Then I might not struggle with names and I certainly would actually pray for them).

Unless you are interested in Mitt Romney's speech on "Faith in America" then there is not too much going on in blogworld today (at least not in mine).

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