Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We are Big Babies!

This is not a political post, although it will touch ground in that realm. Honestly, I have very little care about politics (you can call me a bad Southern Baptist). My passion is the gospel, not legislation. On with the story.

This morning while purchasing my customary biscuits and gravy at Casey's (they are amazing by the way), I overheard the conversation of the man in front of me. Apparently because of the flood he has to get his mail in our town instead of his local post office. The Saverton community about 10 miles East has been hit pretty hard with the flood. They moved the post office to New London. So, this man was complaining about the $10 he has to spend on gas just to get his mail. He, half-jokingly, had asked the post office lady if they would pay him for the cost of gas. He was in line at Casey's belly-aching about the price of gas (which is quite ridiculous I might add) and his post office being moved, telling us how ridiculous our senators are for not stepping in and doing something.

Now take this man's complaint to Africa or another struggling third world country. Whine to them about having to pay for gas (luxury) to put in your car (luxury) to get the mail (luxury) that they no longer deliver to your home (luxury). Now, hand them a $20 bill (blessing) and get a $10 bill back (blessing) and walk (blessing) out the door to your wife (blessing) and children (blessing) griping about the cost of gas. What has happened is that we view the luxuries that this country offers us as absolute necessity and something that we are owed--when in fact it is all of grace.

I understand there is another side to this coin. I know that our government makes mistakes and I know that there are billionaires padding their pockets by gouging us poor folk at the gas pump. And I do know that the simple solution is not "don't drive anymore". Because of the location of jobs many either have to drive or lose their source of income. I understand; my $20,000 per year (blessing) no longer stretches quite like it used to. But I also know that my job, my house, my wife, my child, my car, my ability to walk, my ability to work, all of these are blessings from God. I also know that if every one of those ceased to be given to me that the Lord would be absolutely just in all of his actions. I would grieve. I would hurt. And I would probably even sin quicker than Job. But it does not change the truth that everything we have is a blessing and a benefit of grace.

All too often I am guilty of this same offense. It's a cloudy day and I wish it was sunny--so, I whine. I want to play baseball and it gets rained out--I whine. I have a headache--I whine. I feel like I am getting too busy--I whine. I too am a big cry-baby. Instead of viewing every moment as grace I falsely assume that I deserve better. Ughhh, the agony of not being fully redeemed (see, even that was whiny).

Here is my point, quit crying. If we are going to open our mouths we ought to do it to praise God for breath. Stop treating grace like it is owed to us and instead rejoice in God's benevolence.

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  1. Thanks for the perspective. I needed that this morning.



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