Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Daggers to my heart

Every so often you read something that shoots daggers into your heart.  The words are so convicting and yet inspiring.  This is a good way to discern whether or not its true conviction or just beating yourself up out of false pride.  I think this is a legitmate dagger.  I just finished reading a blog post by Brant Hansen.  He compares LeaderMan vs. Servant Leader, saying that we need more Servant Leaders like Jesus and no more of the LeaderMan type.  The statement that shot the biggest dagger into my heart is this one:

LeaderMan:  Loves the idea of the Gospel, and the idea of The Church 
Servant Leader: Loves God and the actual individual people God brings across his path

You can read the entire list here.


  1. Just curious, what will you allow God to change in your approach to leadership, the kind you follow and the kind you are? What are you willing to lose so that you will have "nothing to lose"? What will come of the dagger, the conviction and the inspiration?

  2. Lanny,

    Excellent questions! After reading the post I found myself crying out to God to change my heart. It's not my approach to leadership that I am convicted on, nor the leadership that I follow. What I am convicted about is my "desire factory". Therefore, I am pleading with God to change my heart here. As far as what I am "doing" to bring about this change--really the only thing that I can do is put myself under the influence of God and His glorious gospel. Now that God has brought conviction I will respond to His grace when these things come up.

    As far as what am I willing to lose so that I will have nothing to lose? That's a good question--and one I'm not really sure that I can honestly answer. I'd like to think I'd be willing to lose anything--but when it comes down to it, is that really true? And your last question is the same--I have no idea what will come of this.



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