Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recommended Biographies

I want to deepen my reading by reading more biographies. Who are the people of faith that you wish to explore? Who seems to have written the best biographies of Christian leaders?


  1. Terry,
    Two that I am personally interested in reading are both by Steven Nichols - 1) The Expository Genius of John Calvin & 2) The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards.

  2. Terry,

    In the past I have enjoyed

    Iain Murray's Forgotten Spurgeon and Spurgeon v. Hyper Calvinism.

    Iain Murray is a great biographer...He has written an excellent work by Jonathan Edwards.

    I also like Steven Nichols works. He has written good ones on Martin Luther. The biographer that David is referring to is actually Steven Lawson--I too want to read those books David!

    Perhaps my favorite has been the Memoirs and Remains of McCheyne by Andrew Bonar.

    Also check out the Biographies I listed here



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