Saturday, February 20, 2010

What I want.........What God wants.

Its always amazing to see the various ways God revealed himself in the Bible. While at worship, Isaiah catches a vision of the wonder of God (Isaiah 6).....At the end of a season of suffering, Job sees God's majesty (Job 42:5-6)... Peter is astonished through a great catch of fish (Luke 5:6).

There are those today who think God wants to 'invade' our times of worship and reveal himself merely to give us some sort of spiritual adrenaline rush. I don't see this happening in the Bible, do you? God reveals himself for a purpose......his purpose, not ours. Certainly he wants our praise. But if our praise is genuine will it not include our confession, our repentance, and our surrender to service?

Read the story of the miraculous catch in Luke 5:1-11. The flow of events is fairly simple to see, isn't it? The word of God is taught.....Apparently the seeds of faith are sown because obedience was rendered.....Christ revealed himself......Confession was offered......Call was given....Commitment was made.

The commitment to leave all behind and follow Jesus was a costly one. "True discipleship is always costly because it means giving up what we want for us so that we can have what Jesus wants for us" (Philip Ryken). Ryken's comment drives deep into my heart. I know I'm supposed to want what Jesus wants for me......but am I willing both to count the cost and consider it worth surrendering all to Jesus?

I fear that far too many of Christian Americans (myself included) are unwilling to want what Jesus wants for us. If this is true, it is small wonder that the church of our culture is weak and anemic.

Plant in me a desire to want what you want for me. Help me to be willing to surrender all I want so that I might have what you want. Give the heart-felt passion for your will and way in my life.

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