Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frequently Going Out of Tune

Thankfully the Lord knows our frame and is able to keep us though this is ever so true:

For though grace hath, in a great measure, rectified the soul, and given it an habitual and heavenly temper: yet sin often actually discomposes it again: so that even a gracious heart is like a musical instrument, which, though be it never so exactly tuned, a small matter brings it out of tune again; yea, hang it aside but a little, and it will need setting again before you can play another lesson on it; even so stands the case with gracious hearts; if they are in frame in one duty, yet how dull, dead, and disordered when they come to another.  (John Flavel, from Saints Indeed)

May we long for the day when we no longer “get out of tune again”. 

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