Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sleeping Away Our Mission Field

“God put Jonah in the midst of a serious situation with seriously broken people, and he slept” –D. Patrick & M. Carter from For the City

This one hurt. 

I’ve been Jonah way too many times.  My excuse has always been the same, “my wife and I are planning to move soon, this is only temporary, no point getting too attached”.  Two years later we end up at the same house still waiting for the next location. 

Granted our moves (up until the big move to Kentucky) were only across town or at least within 15 minutes.  And we could have certainly continued these relationships had we begun them.  But not us.  (I should probably say “not me” because my wife is better about this than I am).  I was too busy sleeping our mission field away. 

Is God sovereign?  Does He—somehow—through His sovereign goodness plant us exactly where He want us?  Even if we wind up where we are because of our own stupidity?  Are the people in your life (neighbors, co-workers, family, etc.) there by accident? 

Is God missional?  Is he drawing people to Himself?  Is His gospel to be proclaimed everywhere?  Is part of His work to redeem brokenness?  Who did Jesus hang out with—religious people or “sinners”? 

Does God use His church (believers) to throw back darkness?  To destroy the works of the devil?  To redeem brokenness?  To be the hands and feet of Jesus? 

I’m just guessing that God planted Jonah on a boat with lost people for a reason.  I’m just guessing that God has lost and broken people in our neighborhood for a reason. 

Time to wake up.

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