Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From the Pen of Newton: A Word to Authors

In a letter to William Cowper, John Newton discuss the trepidation that he and certainly Cowper feel upon releasing a new book.  In the midst of this Newton displays for us what should be the motivation of all authors (even those that are authors of tweets and Facebook statuses). 

I am an author likewise, and am soon to launch forth into the public notice a new book.  I can therefore have a fellow-feeling with you.  Some [approval] I may hope for.  A portion of censure and dislike I may likewise expect…But were our admirers and censurers as tall as [giants], their applause and their [rudeness of speech] will soon be stifled in the dust.  These are in a manner but creatures of a day; and indeed so are we.  But we belong to another world…Let our ambition be of the noblest kind: let our aim be to please God.  If the great Judge shall be pleased to receive us with [approval], we shall be little concerned what the [ants] we have left behind may think of us after we are gone.  In his favor is life.  His smile would amply overbalance the frown of the whole creation.  (Letters of Newton, 165-166)

May everything we write be for His smile. 

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