Sunday, June 23, 2013

IMPACT:Jasper Week

Last year our church began what we hope to be an annual missions endeavor. We call it IMPACT:Jasper. During the week of IMPACT a portion of our church family acts as a missions team (i.e. staying at the church every night of the week as a normal missions team would do). Another portion of our church family acts as a host church (i.e. providing the missions team with food, volunteers, and other helps).

The schedule this year looks like this:

Monday AM: Prayer Walking
Monday PM: Worship Service at the Riverwalk 
Tuesday AM: Service Project at mobile home area next to the church
Tuesday PM: Free Block Party at mobile home area next to the church
Wednesday AM: Nursing Home Ministry
Wednesday PM: Free Block Party at DuBois County Corrections
Thursday AM: Pampered Escape
Friday Afternoon: Free Community Closet

Two events that we are really targeting this year are our Pampered Escape event and the free Community Closet. For the Pampered Escape we are going to try to bless single moms. We will provide free babysitting services (showing a kids film in our sanctuary) while we give the moms free haircuts, pedicures, makeovers, and a free oil change for their car.

For our Community Closet we will be transforming our church into something similar to a Goodwill and giving away all the items for free. For the last few weeks our church members (and even some of their friends) have donated items to give away. Our church basement is now filled with items to give away.

We are excited for the opportunities that the Lord will be providing throughout this week to share the gospel of Jesus with our neighbors.

Pray for our church this week. Pray that we will continue to be a church united to enjoy God’s grace and extend His glory. Pray that we will have several opportunities to share the gospel with people—and the boldness to follow through on these chances.

For more info on our IMPACT:Jasper week you can go here.


This also means that I will not be blogging at Borrowed Light for the next two weeks. Immediately after IMPACT:Jasper my family will be going on vacation. I have asked several gifted writers to step in and fill the void. You will be blessed by their writing.

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