Thursday, February 1, 2007

Why is Jesus offensive?

Last night, January 31, we spoke of Jesus being offensive. We noted that He is offensive to us because He is exclusive in His claims (meaning He is truth and the only way to God--all else is false). He is also inclusive in His call (meaning He calls all peoples from all social and ethnic classes). Finally we noted that Jesus is often offensive because He exposes the truth that He is at the center of all and not us. We see this by the fact that Jesus and His Gospel opposes all human ability as well as all human righteousness. These are a few of the reasons that many find Jesus offensive. What other reasons do people find Jesus offensive? Comment here!

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  1. hey mike its Aarcn, so sorry i couldnt go last night, i had a vollelyball game. i love the site and the beefy arm snowman. and i had fun beating all of you at marvel. haha..we need to do that again sometime..later



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