Thursday, February 15, 2007

Youth Group Canceled

Unfortunately we had to cancel youth group on Wednesday Feb. 14th. We probably could have still met, but our policy is always to cancel church activities if school is canceled for weather related reasons. Nikki and I missed everyone, and more than anything I miss being able to deliver the Word of God to you. Remember, keep in the Word on your own throughout the week. As far as plans for the future go; we will still be speaking about relationships and telling our story on February 21st. Then, Lord willing, we will begin a sermon series on Philippians. As of right now I believe our series on Hosea will be put on hold. Philippians should take us until the end of the school year! Also, throughout our Philippians series we will be having daily (or semi-daily) devotionals posted. Be certain to check back often to our website. It is possible that you can subscribe to this blog, so that whenever I make a post you get e-mailed. So, make certain to subscribe to this webpage and do not forget to e-mail it to you friends!

As always, to God be the glory,

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  1. Mike- hey buddy this has nothing to do w/ youth group being cancelled two weeks ago, but I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that the message you brought before the congregation on Sunday was yet another example of the amazing things God is doing in you and through you and a testament of what you are allowing Him to do in spite of you, i.e. there are none of us who seek after Him, our only hope is that He chases after us, amen? My encouragement is to continue allowing Him to speak through you and finding the boldness that so many do not possess yet the same boldness He supplies to those w/ eager hearts and passions to see His truth spoken to the hearts of men. I sincerely hope the wickedness of our hearts will always find your sermons offensive! Love ya brother, keep bringin the heat!



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