Thursday, February 8, 2007

Christian Counting

I am very disappointed that time escaped us so quickly on Wednesday. I know that it might have appeared to you that I was preaching forever, but to me it seemed as if I had only been speaking for 5-10 minutes. Philippians 3:2-11 was so unbelievably rich with application, and speaking upon the infinite worth of Jesus Christ is one of my greatest passions in preaching. Words escape us in attempting to explain or display the infiinte worth of Jesus Christ. Words like "awesome" or "amazing" or "breathtaking" do not do Him justice. Perhaps that is why we so often resort to comparison. If you can imagine the greatest thing that this world and this life has to offer, and then compare it to Christ...the greatest pleasure appears to be "dung" when put beside the infinite wortha and beauty of Jesus Christ. 

It is imperative that we understand this. Our entire life is a battle to desire God more and to desire sin less. Being satisfied in God is the essence of worship. As John Piper has so aptly put it, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him". The apostle Paul understood this. Paul's life was about constantly growing in his knowledge of Jesus Christ. That is what life is about, Knowing Jesus. That is one of the reasons I love the song "Knowing You" so much, because it sums up beautifully what life is all about. "Knowing you Jesus, Knowing You, there is no greater thing". What a sweet and precious truth. I hope you hold it dear to your heart. Jesus is not something that we merely add to our already jam-packed lives. Jesus IS our life!

I was unable to bring out a couple of points I desired to one Wedneday. Therefore, I urge you to check out the full sermon (it is unedited as of now) at

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