Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Burroughs--What is the Gracious Frame of Spirit Opposed To?

Yesterday we saw that Christian contentment is an inward heart condition. Today we will see 3 things that this gracious frame of spirit is opposed to (p.7). A gracious frame of spirit is opposed to:

  1. the natural quietness of many men and women. Some are naturally quiet; others are naturally impatient.
  2. a sturdy resolution.
  3. the strength of natural reason.
Burroughs then expounds why these are distinguished from Christian contentment. He deals especially with the first of the three--natural quietness. The difference between the two is clear, "The one whose disposition is quiet is not disquieted as others are, but neither does he show any activeness of spirit to sanctify the name of God in his affliction. But , on the other hand, he whose contentment is of grace is not disquieted and keeps his heart quiet with regard to vexation and trouble, and at the same time is not dull or heavy but very active to sanctify God's name in the affliction that he is experiencing." Simply put, one who is exercising Christian contentment will be giving God the glory and praise while the natural man will not. And this, Burroughs says, is the difference between the other two points as well.
The question for us today is this: are we praising God in our afflictions and in our blessings?

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