Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Message of Malachi

Last night we finished our next to last book on the Minor Prophets--Malachi. We will be doing two messages on Zechariah and then sum it all up with a Christmas message on the Promised King. Then we will kick the New Year off by starting a series on "Being Godly Men and Women". But until then lets take a look back at Malachi.

We listed six different marks of indifference and then gave suggestions on how to battle them.
  1. When you are questioning God’s love for you focus on His electing love in redemption.
  2. When you are engaging in half-hearted worship focus on God’s awesome character.
  3. When you are struggling with infidelity guard yourselves and do not be faithless
  4. When you are questioning God’s justice focus on His past fulfillments and future promises
  5. When you are selfishly giving half-hearted devotion focus on the storehouse of God’s pleasures.
  6. When you lose hope and feel like giving up look to your future redemption or judgment

For all of the details you can find the sermon here: Battling Indifference While We Wait

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