Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Long Until Drew Brees is Sidelined?

Since 2001 those on the cover of Madden games have been under a curse. 

  • 2001 Eddie George—horrible season, never returned to his Super Bowl form
  • 2002 Daunte Culpepper—horrible season, blows out both knees never the same
  • 2003 Marshall Faulk—injured ankle, Faulk never again rushed for over 1,000 yards
  • 2004 Michael Vick—fractured fibula one day after release, then that whole dog thing
  • 2005 Ray Lewis—poor season, injured the next, but returned to form
  • 2006 Donovan McNabb—injury plagued season w/sports hernia, missed final 7 games
  • 2007 Shaun Alexander—broke his foot, never the same
  • 2008 Vince Young—first time in his career injured, spiraled out of control
  • 2009 Brett Favre—continues to retire and unretire (chalk it up to brain contusions)
  • 2010 Troy Polamalu/Larry Fitzgerald—Fitzgerald may have broken the curse, but Polamalu missed most of the season with injury

This leads us to our original question.  How long until the jinx strikes Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees?  My prediction he breaks his coccyx in week 7 against the Browns. 

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