Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Writer Needed

This is probably not the most prestigious position that you will ever have.  And I guarantee it will not be the highest paying.  In fact I won’t pay you anything.  You may get a few free books out of the deal.  You probably will not get much notoriety--as this blog only gets a little over 100 hits per day.  But I have seen steady growth over the last year and there may be some bigger opportunities in store in the future. 

With all of that being said.  Would anyone care to join me?  My good friend Terry Buster writes occasionally.  But I am looking for one (maybe two) more people to join me in writing on this blog.  We do not have to have the same theological leanings.  I only ask that you write with humility, grace, and Christ-centeredness.  I would like for you to write at least one-two posts per week.  That will keep traffic here during my school months when I cannot write as much. 

If you are interested please email me mleake792 AT students DOT sbts DOT edu.  Or leave a comment with your email and I’ll email you a few questions. 


  1. Blessings to you as you look for a partner, brother. Wish I could do it with you, but I'm afraid I can't make the time right now to do it well. How's good ol' Southern treating you - I mean, besides wrestling hogs?

  2. Doing it well??? That's never been a requirement for this blog. LOL.

    Things are going good man. Enjoying classes--my online Greek class is proving really hard to keep up with though. My other classes though are really good. I'm taking a class on Calvin and the Reformed Tradition...we are basically just walking through the Institutes and discussing it. My other class is on Care of Souls in the Congregation---great class...I'm learning a ton.
    How are things with you?

  3. Hello Mike! I'm definitely interested and I believe I'd have time for one post every two weeks. If one or two more writers signed up, that would fill the gaps. If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached at childofprussia [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Mike,
    We're doing well, man. Doing my first year of "real" teaching - 6th grade English - and loving it. Carrie's an accountant, and Abby's rockin her daycare daily (in the good way). We just started our small groups again this Fall with our church, and it's going well. Whenever Nicki gets a sec, could she email Carrie with her number? My wife's been jonesin' for a convo with your wife. Glad to hear your classes are going well, bro. Hope the fam is doing well, too.

    Grace in Him,



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