Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mustaches and Book Burning

I am certain that you have heard all the hubbub about the church burning copies of the Koran.  Here are several insightful articles on why believers should not support this utter ridiculousness. 

Dr. Mohler’s The Briefing

Tony Reinke’s 6 Reasons

Jimmy Snowden’s insightful statement

James Galyon encourages us to pray for its cancellation

Andrew Lisi tells us to burn couches, not the Quran

Carl Trueman also weighs in

But in my opinion this whole thing could have been avoided if we would have remembered that fateful day of July 7, 1996.  Here’s the video:

I learned from that day forward, never trust a man with a horseshoe mustache (or a Hungarian variety for that matter).  If those following Terry Jones would have learned this principle in ‘96 then it would just be one guy burning books.  And not this:

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