Monday, September 27, 2010

Christ, the Fountain of Our Salvation

We see that our whole salvation and all its parts are comprehended in Christ [Acts 4:21].  We should therefore take care not to derive the least portion of it from anywhere else…If we seek any other gifts of the Spirit, they will be found in his anointing. If we seek strength, it lies in his dominion: if purity, in his conception: if gentleness, it appears in his birth. For by his birth he was made like us in all respects [Heb. 2:17] that he might learn to feel our pain [Heb. 5:2]. If we seek redemption it lies in his Passion: if acquittal, in his condemnation: if remission of the curse, in his cross [Gal. 3:13]: if satisfaction, in his sacrifice: if purification, in his blood: if reconciliation in his descent into hell: if mortification of the flesh, in his tomb: if newness of life, in his resurrection: ii immortality, in the same: if inheritance of the Heavenly Kingdom, in his en- trance into heaven: if protection, if security, if abundant supply of all blessings, in his Kingdom: if untroubled expectation of judgment, in the power given to him to judge.

In short, since rich store of every kind of good abounds in him, let us drink our fill from this fountain, and from no other. Some men, not content with him alone, are borne hither and thither from one hope to another: even if they concern themselves chiefly with him, they nevertheless stray from the right way in turning some part of their thinking in another direction. Yet such distrust cannot creep in where men have once for all truly known the abundance or his blessings.  --John Calvin, Institutes

I would encourage you to chew on what Calvin is saying here.  Consider every place where you have need and know that Christ has through his work has given everything we need.

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