Friday, October 1, 2010

Bellies Full of Dirt

Each day we either live for God or for other gods.  In each moment of hardship we fear either God or man.  When we choose to worship gods and fear men our lives will suffer an emptiness and turmoil that is not much different than trying to fill our bellies with dirt.  At first we may feel full, but in short order violation of God’s plan will lead to torment.  (Dan Allender, The Healing Path , p20)

When Allender says “living for God” and “God’s plan” he is not talking about the mystical—what does God want me to do today—type of thing.  He is, I believe, speaking of the revealed will of God for our lives.  God desires for us to daily live in redemption instead of idolatry. 

Why I choose to eat dirt instead of feast on the bread of life, still baffles me. 

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