Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Gospel: Deeper Than We Can Fathom

The gospel…is always deeper than we can fathom.  Our great need is to be led further in to what we already have.  The gospel is so deep that it not only meets our deepest needs but comes from God’s deepest self.  The salvation proclaimed in the gospel is not some mechanical operation that God took on as a side project…When God undertook our salvation, he did it in a way that put divine resources into play, resources which involve him personally in the task.  The more we explore and understand the depth of God’s commitment to salvation, the more we have to come to grips with the triunity of the one God.  The deeper we dig into the gospel, the deeper we go into the mystery of the Trinity.  (From The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything by Fred Sanders)

I have to confess I only bought this because it was ridiculously cheap on Amazon and a few people I respect said it was solid.  I am only through the introduction but so far I am loving it. 

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