Friday, March 23, 2012

Push to the Final Four Book Giveaway!

Do you like fiction?  Win a copy of Frank Perreti’s new book Illusion.

Are you a fan of Matt Chandler?  He has a new book coming out in April: The Explicit Gospel.  Win a free copy.


Want a solid gospel-centered book NOW instead of waiting for Chandler’s?  Did you get excited when you read my review of Note to Self?  Want your own copy for free?  Win a free copy.

Fill out the entry form below and be entered numerous times into the drawing.  The biggest thing that I want to happen is you going to SBC Voices: Blog Madness and voting for Borrowed Light in the Midwest Region.  If you have already voted then I’m asking you to go the extra mile and share the SBC Voices page with your friends on Facebook and encourage them to vote for Borrowed Light.  Currently I’m 5 votes away from first place.  I need your help to push into the Final Four.  Once you’ve voted or shared simply leave a comment here letting me know that you voted/shared. 

The winner will get to choose 1 of the above books as his/her prize! 

Win Below:


  1. Just voted for you, Mike. You have a great blog and certainly deserve to win.

  2. I voted for you, pushing you from a dead heat 46-46 tie into a commanding 47-46 lead.
    I also voted for Brian Croft because his blog is one of the best. (I'm glad I don't have to choose between the two of you...yet!)



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