Thursday, March 15, 2007

The essential element of love

Last night we discussed the essential element of love. Unfortunately I believe that the message was missing a very essential component--"so what". I feel as if in many ways I did not hook you in a productive way so that you realized the desperate need that we have for "love" in advancing the gospel. Yet I do believe in the Holy Spirit and know that the Great Sovereign King can do all things and can use even this scattered sermon to sear deeply in your heart the "so what" of this message. The Lord can teach you this awesome need and it is my hope that you are passionate about advancing the gospel--and that you are passionate about advancing this gospel with love and in love. Remember the acronymn D-E-A-R for growing in love. Dig deep-Experience God-Ask for it-Realize the truth of the gospel! Do not forget there is not one square inch (or one second of the day) that does not belong to Christ!

The full-text sermon can be found at

Also, a new quiz and a new WHO AM EYE? Will be posted either today (Thursday) or Friday. A new devotional might appear sometime today or tomorrow as well.

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