Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is a hiatus and why did we just have one?

Hiatus (hi-ate-us) is probably one of the coolest words in the English language. What is a hiatus? It is a break or interruption in work, action, series, etc,. I am certain that you already knew that though! Most of you probably know what I hiatus is...but those of you who faithfully visit this website might be wondering why has there been NO POST since Thursday Feb 11th. Two reasons. 1) I have been very busy preparing sermons. I was asked to preach at Cornerstone Baptist Church last Sunday and had to quickly put together a couple of sermons. This made my time for preparing the blogs zilch. 2) It actually has worked out quite well because we are spending an extra week on verse 10-11. You've already got devotionals for those. So, tomorrow I am going to do one last post on verse 11. Then starting Thursday we will again pick up with daily devotionals (Lord willing).

In the mean time, you guys are really bad at guessing the WHO AM EYE? C'mon people! I thought this one was easy. But I do appreciate more input this time. We've actually had about 6 guesses (of course all of them wrong). And no Jordan Anderson it is not YOUR EYE! Nor is it Nikki's eye! I will reveal who it is Wednesday--until then keep guessing!

Also starting Thursday we will have a youth article of the week. You will find the link for it on Thursday's summary post. Also, pictures and a message from Nikki will appear sometime this week about the girls lock-in. Love you guys, and keep faithful! See you Wednesday!

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