Friday, March 2, 2007

Philippians series begins

Our series on Philippians has begun. If all goes as planned the series should last 13 weeks. The primary theme of Philippians is ADVANCE THE GOSPEL! Throughout the series we will have daily devotionals--so check the webpage every day for updates. The goal of these daily devotionals is to introduce you to the letter to the Philippians, but more than that, to introduce you to the living God. You can use these devotionals to assist in your daily time alone with God. I would suggest throughout this week to read Philippians 1:1-8 each morning along with the devotional. Think about the questions that are asked of you from this text. Also, try to answer on your own the question, "Where is the grace of God in this passage". Be certain to spend your day consistently with God--and not only in these 5-10 minute devotionals! God is good and is worthy of our every second. Do not rip yourself off--spend every moment with the Living God!

We also have the sermon from Wednesday, "Live like it is precious" at the following address:

Do not forget to read every devotion careful. On Wednesday March 7th there will be a giveaway for the one who can answer the most questions about Philippians 1:1-8. Prizes will be awarded!!

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