Friday, October 26, 2007

Why the NFL's Global Vision should be ours today ran a story about Commissioner Roger Goodell's global vision of "Making America's Obsession the World's Passion". As I read that I thought about Jesus. I wonder what is the Church's obsession? Is it fame? Is it prominence? Is it influence? What is it that we desire? Is our obsession Jesus? And if we can honestly and humbly say that He is indeed our obsession then my question is this, "do we have a global vision of making our obsession (Jesus) the world's passion?" Oh, that we had the passion that Coca-Cola and now the NFL has to spread their joy for the joy of others! Today, I am encouraged by reading this article to repent of all the things that are my obsession that is not Jesus. I am encouraged to be more intentional and focused on not only making Jesus my obsession but of spreading that obsession to be the world's passion.

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