Wednesday, February 4, 2009

God's Great Global Purpose Visualized

1. The chief end of all God’s actions is for the display of His glory.
2. This glory is made visible in Christ.
3. Christ is made visible through the gospel.
4. The gospel gathers individuals into a blood-bought community of redeemed believers, that
a. fosters growth into Christ likeness
b. ignites a passion for mission
5. When these are grounded in a vision of God’s glory it results in our ultimate purpose:
6. Worship: The creation of passionate worshippers that accurately reflects and rejoices in the glory of God.

I have been working on this and I have a 12 page document that goes with this that has a detailed discussion of each point. There is a purpose to it but that does not matter at this point. Without having the detailed discussion in your hand tell me your thoughts. Is it clear? Would you re-word anything? Did I leave something out?

1 comment:

  1. Mike,

    I think this looks really good. The only thing that I would add, is the how for God's people gaining a vision for God's glory. I'd be interested in reading the paper behind this too, if you would feel comfortable.

    ὁ θεὸς δοξάζηται

    - David



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