Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Breakup Letter to @Rhapsody

Dear Rhapsody,

This isn’t working anymore.

I’d love to give you the classic line that “it’s not you, it’s me”. But I cannot. It is you. We were together back in 2008 when you were still known as Miss Yahoo. It was a difficult transition but we stuck together.

I have always loved that whenever I want something you can quickly deliver. Your fees are not exorbitant. Especially, since you stuck it to iTunes and allow me to download whatever I want and listen to it on my iPod or iPad without an internet connection. I still love you for this. But that’s it…

I’m leaving you for Pandora.

She is smarter. When I tell her that I don’t like a song she doesn’t continue to play it. You do. I don’t know how many times that I’ve told you I don’t like T.D. Jakes’ theology or his Marvin Gaye-esque love ballads. I don’t like anything that even sounds like country music. I don’t like cheesy Christian music. I like folkish music like Mumford and Sons but this doesn’t mean I dig Judy Collins. Pandora gets that. You don’t.

We fought for years trying to establish a decent “My Rhapsody Channel”. I’ve come to believe that you just do not understand me like Pandora does. Add to this your recent problems with buffering and lag and I have had all that I can handle. I’m no longer paying you to fill my office with crappy music.

We’re breaking up. I’ll miss parts of you but I’ll be happy to never have to listen to T.D. Jakes romancing me again.

Cutting ties,

Mike Leake

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