Friday, January 18, 2013

Week Without Google: Day Four and Five

Yesterday is my day to be at home with my children. Therefore, I didn’t have much of a need to Google search—unless you count the crazy things I need to search for when I’m home alone with the kids, like how to get a fork out of child’s nose…you know, things like that.

Today at the office was an atypical Friday. Normally, I get to do a good amount of writing on Friday. But this week we have a big annual meeting with our church constitution. We also are beginning a new series that needs outlined and I have to write small groups. Furthermore, I had to put the finishing touches on Isaiah’s Colossians devotional that I’m giving him for his birthday. Not many searches then, but I did have a few.

Stuff I will probably go to bed without knowing that I would have Google Searched

  • Michael Morse was traded to the Mariners. I wanted some more info on the deal.
  • With the Royals have 9 guys playing in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) I’m interested to see the regular season production of players that participated in the WBC.
  • Steve McCoy introduced me (and all his other loyal followers) to a band called The Lone Bellow. I want to know more. But I’ll have to wait until Monday.
  • The Browns hired Michael Lombardi. My twitter feed is blowing up with Browns fans hating on this decision. I want to know why.

How this Google-fast as helped

  • Humility. (I’ll explain more on Monday)
  • Again, I would have wasted a good amount of time on the WBC thing. I’ll waste that time later.

How this Google-fast as hurt

  • I really wanted to know about The Lone Bellow. Not being able to get more information on a band like this is stinky.
  • I wonder if some articles aren’t spawned from these rabbit trails of information.

On Monday I will post my summary of a week without Google. Including the lessons I learned.

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